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Monitoring Tools


I'm searching monitoring tools which can listen disk, etc. performance.

I have Fas2020.

Can anybody help me?

Thx very much,



Monitoring Tools

There's a number of freeware SNMP monitoring tools on the market, if setup correctly they'll do what you're after and this will help too:

Re: Monitoring Tools

Thank you very much.

Re: Monitoring Tools

Many performance metrics for NetApps are not exposed via SNMP (e.g. read/write latency per volume.)

These can only be accessed via the API.

Some free tools, with the right amount of cajoling and tender care, can get these.

A commercial solution such as will automate the entire configuration, collection, graphing and has best practices alerts pre-defined.

Depends on whether you have an excess of time, or are willing to trade a little money for a lot of freed up time.

Monitoring Tools

In this thread there is a description of using the Powershell toolkit to monitor individual objects (disks, protocols, etc) above and beyond what sysstat can provide.

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