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managing snapshots


Can anyone point me in the right direction for learing about managing and restoring from snap shots?

We are taking snaps of certian LUNs but to be honest i have no idea how to manage them or do an individual file restore from a snap.

Were running the FAS 3270 version 8.0.1P3 7-mode and am licensed for just about every piece of software available for the this appliance but i just dont know what each is used for.



To restore individual file from LUN snapshot you would need to mount it (usually it involves creating a writable copy, LUN clone or FlexClone) and copy file from mounted snapshot to your active LUN. If you have SnapDrive installed on your host(s), mounting is handled by SnapDrive, so the only potential problem is to find snapshot that contains required file version ☺ Another potential issue is permissions to perform this operation.

You may want to look at something like SnapProtect that keeps catalog of files in snapshot and makes it very easy to browse for different file versions.


So if you have SnapVault licence you can do it with OSSV.

OSSV will mount snapshot, and permit you to explore the snapshot and restore file you want.

In general, when i have an install with CIFS share and with virtual machine, i have this backup :

snapshot on vol_cifs, with ~snapshot directory accessible = > it permit to restore on the fly one or more file.

snapshot on my vsphere or hyperv, with SMVI or SMHV.

And for a partition "data' in virtual machine, i have an OSSV agent that perform snapshot on this partition.

And i mirror my datastore luns on a second FAS...