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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.5 released!


Dear PowerShell community,

We are glad to announce the release of NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.5. This unified release has enhancements for both ONTAP and SANtricity modules.


ONTAP PowerShell Module:
The latest release adds upto 2170 cmdlets and provides maximum API coverage for ONTAP 9.3 and is backward compatible with previous ONTAP releases.

SANtricity PowerShell Toolkit
The SANtricity PowerShell module supports more than 300 cmdlets, enabling the storage administration of NetApp E-Series storage systems and EF-Series all-flash arrays.


Download the PowerShell Toolkit 4.5 from here

NetApp PowerShell Toolkit Team



Hi there, per the FAQ it shows that linux/mac/android/iOS are not supported platforms. I have a customer asking if MAC will ever be supported in the future?


Hello @RSG,


Support for non-Windows platforms is not currently on the roadmap, but interest in having the toolkit moved to .NET Core (for Linux compatibility) is being tracked.


Please reach out to me internally (my username at for more details.


Hope that helps!



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Considering Microsoft are no longer developing Windows PowerShell and are putting all future development efforts into PowerShell Core, I think the question of whether or not the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit needs to be refreshed to work with PowerShell Core is self evident, and the customer want for it doesn't need to be 'tracked'.


It's better to get started now, rather than trying to work with the angry hords banging at the door.


PowerShell Core 6.0 has just been released RTM (Early Jan 2018) and VMware has surpassed the v1.0 milestone for their PowerCLI Core release -


I'm looking forward to being able to begin migrating my lab build code which uses Windows, VMware and NetApp PowerShell modules to PowerShell Core in the future. The NetApp Toolkit is now the last piece of the puzzle.


Good luck!





EDIT: missed above reply ><


As the Netapp Powershell Toolkit is dependant on Microsoft PowerShell I am curious when Netapp will be supporting Microsoft Powershell Core.


I don't have macOS or a Linux to try this but has anyone tested PS Core + Netapp PSTK?


Maybe you could have a go at it.


Looks like Microsoft will be pushing hard on the PS core editions to make PS more platform indepentanded, hoping Netapp will follow.



Hi, I need to set 2 NTFS ACL for the same account but I get a "duplicate entry" error. Can someone point me to the right direction? Many thanks.


Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl -SecurityDescriptor mysd -VserverContext vserver -Account MYDOM\myuser -AccessType allow -Rights full_control -ApplyTo sub_folders,files
Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl -SecurityDescriptor mysd -VserverContext vserver -Account MYDOM\myuser -AccessType allow -Rights modify -ApplyTo this_folder


Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl : duplicate entry
Au caractère Ligne:1 : 1
+ Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl -SecurityDescriptor mysd-Vserve ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation : (*:NcController) [Add-NcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl], EDUPLICATEENTRY
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.C.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.FileDirectorySecurity.AddNcFileDirectorySecurityNtfsDacl





I'm having exactly the same issue you're having. In our standard we do have a doulbe Allow NTFS permissions entry and this sort of "bug" is not allowing me to set permissions they way I want to and need to do it through Windows instead, making it 10 times slower.. Did you sort it by any chance?



Is there any intent to publish the toolkit via Powershell-Get - either on a public repository or a privately hosted one?


I am extremely interested in seeing this on Powershell Core as Linux is the only viable means for me to execute powershell scripts against my customer's environments.


I have installed the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit, but could you please let me know how to get started 

How to login and proceed further


Hello @duggulaxmi,


There is a blog post here which may help.  Also, a number of other NetApp PowerShell 101 posts here.


Hope that helps.



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Thank you @asulliva


Could you also help me with some links for the virus scan in NetApp

I really want to know how its configured whether for all read ops /write ops which all shares applicable


My system is FAS3240 7-Mode, version 8.2.4P6


Please let me know if you have any information on this.


Thanks a ton!