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invoke-ncsnapmirrorupdate or resync for svm-dr


I'm just curious if i'm missing something.


destination volume is required in both those cmdlets.


Well with svm-dr the command on the CLI is


snapmirror resync vservername: or snapmirror update vservername:


if you try to run 


invoke-ncsnapmirrorupdate it will fail b/c there is no destination volume, or if you try a volume you will get it's a member of a constituent.  


I know this must be something simple, Anyone?




Re: invoke-ncsnapmirrorupdate or resync for svm-dr


We are experiencing the same issue using the powershell commands invoke-ncsnapmirrorupdate



The CLI command below works fine just specifying the destination-vserver


snapmirror update -destination-vserver $DestVServer





The powershell command does not accept the DestinationvServer on its own

Invoke-NcSnapmirrorUpdate -DestinationVserver $DestVServer


When providing the DestinationVolume,The error "Invoke-NcSnapmirrorUpdate : Relationship with destination " $DestVServer:$DestVolume" is not a valid relationship for this operation because it is a constituent relationship of a vserver SnapMirror relationship." is diaplayed


Invoke-NcSnapmirrorUpdate -Controller $DestController -DestinationVserver $DestVServer -DestinationVolume $DestVolume


JGPSHNTAP - Did you find a workaround for this or get any response?


Re: invoke-ncsnapmirrorupdate or resync for svm-dr


Yes you have to build the variable with dr svr.  So somethiing like this. $destinationvserver:


 And i think we used destinationpath.    I will have to look later

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