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SVM-DR fail to reverse resync


I have a SVM-DR relationship between 2 cabins.
Once I activate the SVM-DR in destination, the SVM is activated correctly, the problem is when I want the SVM to return to the source storage.
What I do is click on the SVM-DR relationship that is broken and select Reverse resync so that it sends the information to the SVM that is in origin, but it shows me an error, the following:


Last transfer Error:

Failed to apply the source Vserver configuration. Reason: Apply failed for Object:sis Method:baseline, Reason:Failed to modify efficiency configuration for volume "x" of vserver "x": Compression cannot be disabled while an efficiency operation is in progress on the volume. Retry the command after stopping the efficiency operation on volume. Execute "snapmirror show -destination-vserver "x" -fields last-transfer-error,unhealthy reason -expand to check if the constituent volumes have encountered errors.

Last trasfer Type: Resync


No SVM-DR works for me, what can happen? At source I have the storage efficiency activated and when the SVM is at destination, I have not touched any storage efficiency option. Ontap version 9.7p6




Re: SVM-DR fail to reverse resync


SnapMirror now uses XDP, which is also called SnapVault. It's not the same as the 7-mode SnapVault, but one feature that was retained is dedupe scans run when a XDP relationship finishes.


You can do "sis status -op-status Active|Pending" and get a list of which volumes are running, then just do a sis stop on that.


The simplest way would probably be to copy/paste each line to notepad++, use ALT+SHIFT to highlight certain columns of text, then remove everything to the left of /vol/volumename and add in "sis stop". Or you can do "sis stop *" and keep hitting "y", then Enter.

Re: SVM-DR fail to reverse resync


See bug 1134281:




A Storage Virtual Machine (Vserver) disaster recovery transfer operations might fail when modifying volume efficiency operations.


Fixed in versions:

For minimum recommended release, please visit 9.6P129.7P109.7P119.8P1
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