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Snapmirror reverse resync


Environment is 7-Mode 7.1.4

We are snapmirroring  from site A (source) ->B (target)  We would like to break replication on on an existing snapmirror job  and make site B the new source for a particular volume  and make site A the new target.  Can I modify the existing snapmirror job to make site A the new target without having to re-replicate all the data?






Re: Snapmirror reverse resync


To summarize further I want to reverse the function of the source and destination wthout having to do a re-inialize.  I found an posting on NetApp KB that it can be done so just looking for the right commands...thanks

Re: Snapmirror reverse resync


First, make sure no transfer is in progress.

1. Hash out the /etc/snapmirror.conf entry for this SM relationship at the destination filer.

2. Break the SM at the destination end. (snapmirror break filerB:volB)

3. Resync the SM relationship from source filer (snapmirror resync -S filerB:volB filerA:volA)

4. Trigger SM update command (snapmirror update -S filerB:volB filerA:volA)

5. Check snapmirror status from original source. (output will be 2 SM relationship for that volume)

6. Release the older SM relationship from source (snapmirror release)

7. Create a new entry in /etc/snappmirror.conf file on the source filer (which is now a destination for this SM relationship).

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