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New-Naigroup causes panic on 8.0.3 Sim



If you run New-NaIgroup and forget to put in the type it causes the 8.0.3 simulator to Panic.

e.g. if you run "New-NaIgroup igroupname -protocol iscsi".

Same happens on both of my Sims, haven't tried it on a filer for obvious reasons!  The command line equivalent comes back with the an error to say the type is required.


Re: New-Naigroup causes panic on 8.0.3 Sim


Thanks, David.  This was recently brought to our attention, and yes, real 8.x filers will panic, too.  New-NaIgroup in the forthcoming Toolkit release will set the igroup type to "windows" if not otherwise specified.

Re: New-Naigroup causes panic on 8.0.3 Sim


Hi Clinton,

Thank you for the response.

Personally, I would prefer that the it either failed, or prompted for a response.  Failing would be consistent with the CLI, prompting would be slightly more useful as it wouldn't stop a whole script running just for a small omission.

We have a lot of different LUNs, VMware, Windows & Linux, so defaulting to Windows wouldn't be the correct response for more than 50% of our responses.

Not specific to Powershell, but one of biggest annoyances with NetApp user interfaces at the moment is the lack of consistency!  (e.g. useradmin user add  vs  CIFS shares -add!)

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