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New-Naigroup causes panic on 8.0.3 Sim



If you run New-NaIgroup and forget to put in the type it causes the 8.0.3 simulator to Panic.

e.g. if you run "New-NaIgroup igroupname -protocol iscsi".

Same happens on both of my Sims, haven't tried it on a filer for obvious reasons!  The command line equivalent comes back with the an error to say the type is required.



Thanks, David.  This was recently brought to our attention, and yes, real 8.x filers will panic, too.  New-NaIgroup in the forthcoming Toolkit release will set the igroup type to "windows" if not otherwise specified.


Hi Clinton,

Thank you for the response.

Personally, I would prefer that the it either failed, or prompted for a response.  Failing would be consistent with the CLI, prompting would be slightly more useful as it wouldn't stop a whole script running just for a small omission.

We have a lot of different LUNs, VMware, Windows & Linux, so defaulting to Windows wouldn't be the correct response for more than 50% of our responses.

Not specific to Powershell, but one of biggest annoyances with NetApp user interfaces at the moment is the lack of consistency!  (e.g. useradmin user add  vs  CIFS shares -add!)

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