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vfiler move

I'm looking to create a powershell script that will allow for the moving of resources from one virtual filer to another virtual filer.  We are looking at a bubble network for business continuity and have most of the pieces of the puzzle completed.  I have scripts to create flexclones of our data sources.  Now I'm looking to write a script that will invoke the basic cli of vfiler move vfiler-from vfiler-to /vol/vol1.  Any help would be appreciated..



Re: vfiler move

Have you looked at the vfiler migration cmdlets?

PS C:\> Get-NaHelp *VfilerMigrate

Name                                    Api                                     Category

----                                    ---                                     --------

Complete-NaVfilerMigrate                {vfiler-migrate-complete}               vfiler

Get-NaVfilerMigrate                     {vfiler-migrate-status}                 vfiler

Start-NaVfilerMigrate                   {vfiler-migrate-start}                  vfiler

Stop-NaVfilerMigrate                    {vfiler-migrate-cancel}                 vfiler

Re: vfiler move


Thanks for the info.  I did try these commands but this is more surronding the complete vfiler move and not move an individual volume.  I will continue my research.

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