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New-NcAggr with partitioned and non-partitioned drives


Alright guy, I need help again.


I have some systems that have a mix of partitioned and non-partitioned drives. I am trying to build aggregates and want to build one that uses the partitioned drives, and another that uses the non-partitioned drives. I currently do not have the shelf of non-partitioned drives just yet, but from what I am reading, the partitioned drives will show up as shared, and the non-partitioned drives will not. Currently in the system I am testing with, it has 24 1.8TB SAS drives, when I run Get-NcDisk, it returns a "Capacity" of 2TB. I was hoping the ADP drives would show up as a smaller size, but that does not seem to be the case. Is there an easy way to determine which are ADP drives and which are not so when I issue a command such as "$aggr = New-NcAggr -name $newAggr -Node $deploynode -DiskCount $x.diskCount -DiskSize $dsValue  -raidsize $x.raidSize -ErrorVariable aggrError -ErrorAction stop" it will use the proper drives? The values I pass are coming from a spreadsheet tthat contain items such as disksize, diskcount and raidsize.


Any help would be awesome...thank you. 

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