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Comments from A.W. - OCPM+Feature Request

The integration pack for System Center Orchestrator wasthe biggest thing I wanted to see. I loaded the IP with no problems inOrchestrator 2012 Beta and was able to connect to one of our Netapp's on theother side of the country where I could modify volumes and checked out some ofthe disaster recovery features. I do not have any improvements at this time butI'm sure once Orchestrator goes live we will have plenty of suggestions foryou. Thank you for a great tool!

Comments from B.H. - OCPM+Opalis

Just spinning up some SQL 2005 clusters now to create runbooks using oncommand to fail service between data centres, via snapmirror.  Have been busy with otherprojects but will have a good play with the Opalis (MS Orc Man 2012 in my case)and ApplianceWatch versions of Oncommand in the next couple of days. The install worked without issue but the documentation has holes in it around the Opalis side of things.

Comments from M.A -OCPM+Report/Alert

The product is great. I've been showing the screen shotsquite a bit. Unfortunately the documentation needs some work, which is entirely to be expected at this stage. The paths and processes are a little difficult for the average person to follow. I made my wife install and configure it (it's ok, she's an IT pro so it's not like I got a doctor or lawyer to try) and she picked out that the places you say to click don't actually exist where they are indicated. I have it monitoring six Filers, all different models and every one of them showing Critical for one reason or another. My biggest problem is stopping it monitor on NFS alerts which are the cause of most of the Criticals. We know about them and don't care so want to drop the alerting. I think I'm having a blonde moment because I just can't get it to override. I have time on Friday so I think that's going to bejob #1.

Comments from G.S. - OCPM+cmdlets

1.      Strings:  The parameter validation, andcmdlet completion messages MUST be remove immediately!  This significantlybreaks the pipeline, and offers absolutely no value to a powershell user. There is already sufficient progress indication provided by applying the –verboseswitch.

2.      Object:  Every cmdlet must return a properobject.  You cannot write text to the console to give the appearance of anobject.  Example Get-StorageSystemCredential.

3.      Whatif/Confirm:  Every cmdlet that makes achange or modification of any kind MUST support the –confirm, and –whatifswitches.  They are assumed by most admins, and we’ll have some ticked offusers if we don’t.  An example would be the Remove-StorageSystemCredentialcmdlet.

Comments from B.H. - OCPM + Monitoring

I like that vFilers are now listed in the Monitoring tab however.  Have not been able to get the system working correctly yet but based on Applicance Watch 2.1 I would like snapmirror monitor to allow me to group my snapmirror status groups by designed snapmirror lag targets.  ie every 15 minutes, 4 hours once per day etc.  I could then alert once the lag times are missed. We are looking to use Opalis with SCOM to create alerts which send emails that include links to enable actions to be taken.  ... Currently looking into using oncommand OIPs to migrate our SMSQL services between data centres.

Comments from M.K - OCPM + Monitoring

Vfiler functionaliy is not working correctly and does not report proper health status.

** Note: This has been reported to pteam and will be fixed in final release **



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