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PoSH Toolkit cluster/node connection cDOT 9.2


I am trying 'connect-nacontroller' and supplying the ip address of one of my 9.2 controllers and it appears to connect, but then every command I try after that fails




initial connection:



λ  Connect-NcController 10.xx.xx.xx

Name                 Address           Vserver              Version
----                 -------           -------              -------
10.xx.xx.xx       10.xx.xx.xx                           NetApp Release 9.2: Tue Jun 20 03:20:03 UTC 2017


Evey command after that fails with....


λ  get-nasystemlog -auditlog -starttime 10/21/2017
get-nasystemlog : Value in $global:CurrentNaController is not of type NetApp.Ontapi.Filer.NaController




Re: PoSH Toolkit cluster/node connection cDOT 9.2


The cmdlets are divided into two families: *-Nc* for clustered sytems, and *-Na* for 7-mode systems.  You'll want to use the *-Nc* cmdlets for your operations.


For example, to get the logs for a node use the command:


Get-NcEmsMessage -Node $nodeName

Hope that helps.



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