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PowerShell: Create volume, qtree, associate protection and efficiency policies




I want to create a PS script which:


1. Reads variables from an Excel

2. Creates a volume

3. Creates one to optinally multiple qtrees in the volume

4. Associates protection policy to volume

5. Associates efficiency policy to volume

6. Creates a share and assigns permissions on each of the qtrees created


I know very little about PS so is there anyone that can give me a starting point pls?





This is a community where we try to assist others, but we cannot completely write scripts for people, especially a complete script.  The 'user' needs to have some skin in the game for me.


I can get you started, but you have to put some effort in yourself


What your asking for is very easy to do in powershell and even easier to do with WFA


You want a csv file as an import with your header fields.


Start looking at get-nchelp or show-nchelp.


I will get you started with volume name


name junction  aggr  size 

vol1   /vol1         aggr1  10g


$vols - this will represent the above.


$vols = import-csv createvols.csv


$vols  | % {

new-ncvol -name $  -aggregate $_.aggr "  -junctionpath $_.junction $_.size  -spacereserve "none" 



That's a for loop iterating thru your array.  


You can start with that.  Powershell is not intimidating once you get the basics..






Thanks for the reply


I don't recall asking anyone to write the script for me though I'll obviously take one if it exists!


Unfortunately WFA means another VM on top of the OCUM and OCCM VMs so not possible.


Thanks again


Sorry i read it fast and it came across as, please write these for me.


Depending how much you provision WFA might not be worth it, and you can do whatever you want in powershell


No worries - thanks