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PowerShell Get-NcNode - "CpuBusytime"?



Can someone explain (or point me at the documentation which explains) what the "CpuBusytime" attribute means in the context of a cDOT node?


PS C:\Users\pjorg> Get-NcNode | select Node,CpuBusytime | ft -a

Node   CpuBusytime
----   -----------
myn-01     1902506
myn-02     2171813
myn-03      119583
myn-04       59405

Thanks in advance! 



Re: PowerShell Get-NcNode - "CpuBusytime"?

CPU-BusyTime is defined as "The time (in hundredths of a second) that the CPU has been doing useful work since the last boot". In context of a cDOT node, I believe this is the CPU BusyTime stat of a node, not of the cluster. Hope this helps, Aparajita
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