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PowerShell script for installing Ontap 8.x 7-mode on multiple arrays




Has anyone created a powershell set of commands to install the .tgz file containing an Ontap upgrade on multiple NetApp HA pairs?


I have 12 (6 HA pairs) systems that I would like to deploy to and it is rather time consuming to ssh into each to perform the upgrade.





You could do something like this:


foreach ($c in get-content filerlist.txt){connect-nacontroller $c -cred $cred;invoke-nassh "software get http://<http server>/<ontapversion>.tgz"}



If you're in a Windows environment and don't have an HTTP Server available, Install IIS  > World Wide Web Services on a server or workstation.  Place the .tgz file in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\



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