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Powershell RPC error trying to connect


I am trying to manage a netapp controller (8.0.1) through a firewall and I am getting an RPC error.  Can someone let me know what ports are needed to manage a netapp with powershell?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Powershell RPC error trying to connect


RPC uses port 135 to connect to the port mapper, then assigns a random high port for further communication to the server.   This essentially means you need to open 135 and pretty much all ports 1000 and up. 

However, in practice, what I see is that it connects to TCP 135, then pretty much sticks to TCP 445 every time it communicates.  I had my firewall admin verify this is what he saw too.  TCP 445 is a well-known MS file sharing port. 

What I'd try is opening TCP 135 and 445 on your firewall going to your NetApp controllers and see if that works.

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Re: Powershell RPC error trying to connect


I'm also seeing NetBIOS name service requests on UDP/137 from my client to the controller.  Has anybody else seen this?

- Udp: SrcPort = NETBIOS Name Service(137), DstPort = NETBIOS Name Service(137), Length = 58

    SrcPort: NETBIOS Name Service(137)

    DstPort: NETBIOS Name Service(137)

    TotalLength: 58 (0x3A)

    Checksum: 11124 (0x2B74)

    UDPPayload: SourcePort = 137, DestinationPort = 137

- Nbtns: Query Request for *<00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00> <0x00> Workstation Service

    TransactionId: 62540 (0xF44C)

  + Flag: 0 (0x0)

    QuestionCount: 1 (0x1)

    AnswerCount: 0 (0x0)

    NameServiceCount: 0 (0x0)

    AdditionalCount: 0 (0x0)

  - NbtNsQuestionSectionData&colon;

   - QuestionName: *<00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00> <0x00> Workstation Service

      Name: *<00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00>

     QuestionType: Node Status Request

     QuestionClass: Internet Class 1(0x1)

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