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vFiler DR - Failover and failback



I need some help on how to resyncronize from a DR vFiler to the original vFilter, activating the original vFilter and setting up a DR vFilter again after a disaster (not for real, just simulation).

What I do is this:

1.) Create vFilter "vfilertest" with volume vol_test (100 GB) via OnCommand Systems Manager on FAS-A

2.) Configure vFilter for CIFS using CLI

> vfilter run vfilertest cifs setup

Then I setup a test share \\vfilertest\fs-test and create a file (bitmap with green sqare).

3.) Create volume vol_test (100 GB) via OnCommand Systems Manager on FAS-B

4.) Configure DR vFiler (from FAS-B)

> vfiler dr configure vfilertest@FAS-A

5.) Make FAS-A inaccessible via Network (simulate disaster).

6.) From FAS-B activate DR vFiler.

> vfiler dr activate vfilertest@FAS-A

7.) Now I change the green square bitmap to a red square (to simulate that data on the DR vFiler has changed)

Until here everything is okay. But now I struggle with how to get everything back the way it was (FAS-A as source, FAS-B as DR backup) without loosing the new data. Here's what I tried:

8.) Simulate FAS-A is accessible again, stop vFiler on FAS-A.

9.) Resynchronize new data from FAS-B (DR) to FAS-A (execute command from FAS-A). My red square (changed data) should now be on the original vfiler, no data loss, so far so good.

> vfiler dr resync vfilertest@FAS-B

Now this guide suggests activating the original vFiler on FAS-A

> vfiler dr activate vfilertest@FAS-B

and then resynchronizing from FAS-B

> vfiler dr resync vfilertest@FAS-A

But then vfilertest@FAS-A is running and vfilertest@FAS-B is only stopped and not stopped, DR backup.

Everything I tried to make vfilertest@FAS-B a DR backup again failed, because it's running or does already exist.

What's the way to do it?

I'd greatly appreciate your help and sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm from Germany.

Best regards



Re: vFiler DR - Failover and failback


See attached our labs from the last several NetApp Insight conferences... there is some detail on creating a vFiler DR realationship, failing over to it, then failing back to production after... with a dr resync twice to bring prod back then to resync back again to dr again.  In the examples one system is left running and the other is in a stopped, dr state.

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Re: vFiler DR - Failover and failback


That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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