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Starting with powershell on a netapp environment


Hello Guys,

I'm try to start working with powershell and my netapp controllers, i read many post about that, but i can't find any document to start looking.

I have many questions, but for the moment, i need to know how manage multi controllers, how alternate between controllers, or if exist the way to put all ip address with their names and read directly for the PS.

I know that the connection is transitive, but is not fully clear for me.

I accept any recommendation.

Thanks to all.

P.S: we have any documents like "ps and netapp for dummies" or like else?


Re: Starting with powershell on a netapp environment


You can start with PowerShell Survival Guide -

Also cmdlet Show-NaHelp can help you navigate through all NetApp cmdlets.

To deal with multiple controllers within single script you can use:

$controller1 = Connect-NaController Controller1 - cred root

$controller2 = Connect-NaController Controller2 - cred root

then use "-Controller $controller1" argument in cmdlets to send command to proper controller.

Find-NaController cmdlet should help you to descover NetApp controllers. Also if you don't want to provide credentials every time you start script, you can store creds using Add-NaCretential cmdlet.

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Re: Starting with powershell on a netapp environment


Ok, Great!

I will try with this documents, thanks for your help. And i come back to you wit more specific questions


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