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Powershell for Volume Reallocate

Hi, I've had a search around and cannot find a Data Ontap powershell command to reallocate volumes.

Has this been included or is it not available yet ?



Re: Powershell for Volume Reallocate

Hi guys, anyone have an answer on this ? Would be very handy to script up something like:

1. dump vols

2. for each vol run reallocate

3. has previous reallocate finished ? Yes Go to step 4

4. Run next reallocate

Re: Powershell for Volume Reallocate

Ive seen the following reallocate cmdlets:

get-nareallocatejobs  (lists status of running and scheduled jobs)

start-nareallocate  (start a job)

stop-nareallocate (stop a job)

guess it should be quite straightforward for someone who knows powershell to script something.

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Re: Powershell for Volume Reallocate

Hi Colin, this worked great in 7-mode, however there is no Start-NcReallocate for clustered mode, actually there are no reallocate commands for cluster mode. Have you found any ?

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