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Powershell vfiler limit


We manage a lot of netapp filers and I was wondering if there is a way for us to get vfiler limit from powershell. Not sure which cmdlet would give me this information. I would like to basically pull this information from all of our filers to ensure that they're all configured properly.

I know in the CLI the command would be:

vfiler limit

Thank you


Re: Powershell vfiler limit


Hi, Jonathan.  I don't know of an API for getting this info, so there isn't a cmdlet.  You might just use the CLI command via Invoke-NaSsh:

PS C:\> Invoke-NaSsh vfiler limit

Current limit:       11

Current in use:      5

Platform hard limit: 65

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Re: Powershell vfiler limit


Thanks Clinton, this will work perfectly.

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