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Provisioning VMs with NetApp Rapid Clone Wizard

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When provisioning VMs via the Rapid Clone Wizard, it's possible to set the OS Customization Spec, but is it possible to specify the IP address for each Host?


Provisioning VMs with NetApp Rapid Clone Wizard

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You can not do this through the RCU Wizzard however if you want to deterministaclly give your clients the same IP Addresses each time, you can use something like DHCP reservations.  You would have to provision the desktops, obtain the MAC addresses then populate DHCP with the MAC / IP reservation.

Provisioning VMs with NetApp Rapid Clone Wizard

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While you can't specify an IP address in the customization spec, you could create a PowerShell script that gets called as a RunOnce option in the customization spec. That script could read from a CSV file of hostname with desired IP address, compare the VM hostname to the one in the CSV and change the IP address in the VM to the appropriate address from the CSV.

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