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QSM Snapmirror - 32bit --> 64bit aggregate migration


Hey guys,

I am being tasked with migrating about 20 volumes from existing 32-bit aggregates to 64-bit aggregates, and as I understand it, cannot use NMC in any capacity whether it be migration / protection manager, or secondary space manager due to the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit. Anyways, I am looking for the best way to use the Powershell toolkit to create qtrees on the source, create the target volume, and initialize the snapmirror relationship. I have found one doc-

But it implies VSM. Anyone have any thoughts on how best to do this?





Hey Jon,

This is very doable, but we need a little more information.  First what version of ONTAP?  You want to mirror from a qtree to a volume, from a volum to a Qtree, or from a Qtree to a Qtree?



I'm running NetApp Release 8.0.3RC1 7-Mode, and have snapmirror licenses. I have DFM, and NMC / Protection Manager. What I don't have are pre-existing qtrees on any of my source volumes. I have created the 64-bit aggr, and am just looking for the easiest way to migrate my cifs volumes in the most seamless way possible. Since I am not running 8.1, my understanding is I cannot use VSM, but only QSM. From what Colin says, the default qtree syntax is /vol/volume_1/- so I am going to try that.



On the commandline (should be similar syntax for PS) QSM and VSM are part of the same snapmirror command. - only difference is using a qtree path instead of a volume eg:

snapmirror initialize -S netappfiler1:/vol/volume_1/qtree_1 /vol/newvolume/newqtree

If your QSM is from the root of a volume it will be /vol/volume_1/-

Unfortunately i have no experience with the PS toolkit so cant help further.


Awesome, here is the PS syntax-

Invoke-NaSnapmirrorInitialize -source irv-gdc-san1a:/vol/AI/EDW -destination irv-gdc-san1a:/vol/AI_1/EDW

I haven't tried it with a volume that doesn't have a qtree in it yet. Wish me luck


  is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?

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