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Running native commands via powershell



Is there any ontap powershell cmdlet that allows you to run native commands on the filer.

For example: <powershell command> "node run <nodename> sysstat" (For c-mode) ? OR

<powershell command> "reallocate status" (For c-mode)


Re: Running native commands via powershell


Hey David,

You can use Invoke-NcSsh cmdlet for running native cli commands via powershell. and example below.

C:\PS>Invoke-NcSsh system health status show

Re: Running native commands via powershell


If you run sysstat (I would assume the same would apply to any command with similar functionality) without setting it to run for a specific number of cycles there is no way to send a break so it would just hang. I would be awesome to be able to run a full perfstat using this, it seems that the ssh client works way better than any other I have yet seen and would give the data collection a little boost in efficiency.

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