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SCOM 2016 and Ontap 8.2.4P6 7-Mode


Hi guys,


I´m using OnCommand Plugin 4.1.1 on my newly created SCOM 2012 environment, I followed the guides and I´m able to collect storage alerts and performance data from my DFM server , but something strange is going on, everyday I receive a lot of critical and warning alarms about latency issues and when I check the latency values they are always HUGE (look the attachment) and of course if I had so high latency values my entire environment would fell apart 🙂


In a first glance, I think (probably) DFM is sending the information in microseconds and SCOM is showing as Milliseconds.


There is something I should check to solve this?



At the other hand, I´m seeing the new 4.1.2 OnCommand Plugin, but there is a statement on release notes about 7-Mode support in SCOM 2012 is being dropped, but is not clear if on 2016 is still supported.


I´ve 2 FAS 8040 Ontap 8.2.4P6 7-Mode in a metrocluster and I really want to monitor them using SCOM.