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SSL issues using -controller argument with ONTAP PowerShell


So, I'm having an issue that I'm hoping is a simple fix, but am not having any luck getting it resolved.  When using the DataONTAP PowerShell to do simple stuff like get-naVol, I have to do a connect-nacontroller first every time, instead of just being able to specify -controller in the arguments for the command.  If I do use -controller, I get something like this:

PS X:\powershell> get-nasnapmirror -Controller xxxfiler
Get-NaSnapmirror : Could not connect to xxxfiler on port 443 for protocol HTTPS.
At line:1 char:17
+ get-nasnapmirror <<<<  -Controller xxxfiler
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (NetApp.Ontapi.Filer.NaController:NaController) [Get-NaSnapmirror], NaConnectionSSLException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Snapmirror.GetNaSnapmirror

SSL is *NOT* enabled on the filers here.  Enabling it isn't an option at present.  How can I force PowerShell to use RPC to make these requests?  if I connect to the filer first, it works fine (like this) and uses RPC:

PS X:\powershell> connect-nacontroller xxxfiler

OntapiMajorVersion : 1
OntapiMinorVersion : 7
Protocol           : RPC
Vfiler             :
Name               : xxxfiler
Address            :
Port               : 0
Credentials        :
ValidateIncoming   : False
ValidateOutgoing   : False
Trace              : False
PS X:\powershell> get-nasnapmirror

BaseSnapshot         : xxx-filer(0000000000)_xxxfiler_maillogs1.1820
Contents             : -
CurrentTransferError :
CurrentTransferType  :
DestinationLocation  : xxx-filer:xxxfiler_maillogs1
LagTime              : 10741
LastTransferDuration : 1682
LastTransferFrom     : -
LastTransferSize     : 769868
LastTransferType     : -
MirrorTimestamp      : 1286406160
SourceLocation       : xxxfiler:maillogs1
State                : source
Status               : idle
TransferProgress     : 0
-----------output cut off --------------


Hello, dearmon.

The value passed to a Toolkit cmdlet's -Controller parameter is of type NaController (the type returned by Connect-NaController), not System.String.  So here are the typical usage examples for RPC connections:

1. Pre-connect

Connect-NaController xxxfiler


2. Save the value

$xxxfiler = Connect-NaController xxxfiler

Get-NaSnapmirror -Controller $xxxfiler

3. All together

Get-NaSnapmirror -Controller (Connect-NaController xxxfiler)

All of these work with HTTP/HTTPS connections as well, given the needed -Credentials parameter to Connect-NaController.

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