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Script to find a specific file


I have an issue at work where one of our servers has lost one of it's drives.  I'm not sure if this drive was something on the NetApp or not, I've connected all the targets I see in the iSCSI Initiator within Windows and none of the drives that connect are the correct ones.


I'm hoping there's a why I could run a search on the entire NetApp (we have an HA Pair) and look for a specific file so I can determine where this drive may have originally been connected to.  I've installed the DataONTAP powershell module, but i'm having trouble figuring out how to search through everything.


Any help is appreciated.





Hi Tyler, If this was a Lun Drive then there is no way to see its data from the netapp side.

what you can do is try to figure out which lun is not connected to anything, connect it to a temp server and take a look.

you can try to check if there is any IO in your luns one by one (for a few seconds) and go from there.

From the CMD side it somthing ike:

set diag

statistics periodic -object lun -instance /vol/vol_name/qtree_name/lun_name -counter total_iops -interval 1

from powershell i am not sure but i think it is done with "Get-NcPerfData" and the syntax should be + - similar.