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autosize IncrementSize set to 3% - cDOT






I would like to set 'autosize' increment size to 3% of the volume, in all volumes (respectively) across the board - how can that be done please?


cDOT 8.2.3



$vols = Get-NcVol

Foreach ($vol in $vols) {
Set-NcVolAutosize -Name $vol -IncrementSize << 3% of the volume size



thank you



Set-NcVolAutosize [-Name] <String> -Mode <String> [-MinimumSize <String>] [-GrowThresholdPercent <Int32>] [-ShrinkThresholdPercent <Int32>] [-VserverContext <String>] [-Controller <NcController[]>]
[[-MaximumSize] <String>] [[-IncrementSize] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]


man set-ncvolautosize -full


what's wrong with using -growthresholdpercent


that is the percentage of when the autogrow will kick in. for example, if the volume reach 92%, the volume will be increased. what I am after is the increment size (by how much to increase when the threshold had been reached) and that cannot take percentage so I am looking for a way to script a calculation of 3% of each volume and use that in -IncrementSize


thanks for the help




This should get you started

get-navol | % {

 $v = get-navolsize $
$3pct = ($v.volumesize *.03)/1mb
 write-host "Volume Name:" $ "size: " $3pct


thank you


it did get me started though it still doesn't resolve my issue. I cannot use $3pct as the variable in -IncrementSize


so this option (increment size by percentage) is available in the cDOT commands:


[-autosize-increment-percent | -p <percent>] - Autosize Increment Percent


why isn't it available in PoSh?



-IncrementSize <String>
Specify the flexible volume's increment size using the following format



Can it be included  in 3.3 please?



Thank you















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