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Hi Guys,

I see that there is a special Property under 'Get-NaLun' called 'ScriptProperty'

I understand that this will somehow trigger a script (?) that will check if the Lun is thin provisioned(?)


Thin                      ScriptProperty System.Object Thin {get=!($this.IsSpaceReservationEnabled);}


can someone please explain what it does and how to run it?

also, if it is to check if the Lun is thin provisioned, how is that different from the Property "IsSpaceReservationEnabled"?

Can you also please explain what '$this' means?

Thank you



Re: ScriptProperty

Hello Joel,

You can get to this property by creating custom objects.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-NaLun | select path,protocol,@{l='Thin Sub Property';e={$_ | select -ExpandProperty thin}}

Re: ScriptProperty


so how is that different from the Property "IsSpaceReservationEnabled"?

Re: ScriptProperty

Vinith - I believe you can play around witht his and make it boolean as well right?

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