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hi guys,

how do I work with Get-NaPerfData? I have tried the below - what am I missing? How do I get the numbers?


Get-NaPerfData -Name volume -Instances vol1 -Counters iscsi_read_latency | fl

Counters    : {iscsi_read_latency}

Name        : vol1

Timestamp   : 1402246725

TimestampDT : 08/06/2014 17:58:45





Re: Get-NaPerfData

After all the years, I haven't played around much with that cmdlet...  

You need to expand the property object for counters.

But, i think i'm doing something wrong with the way i've just tested it in the lab

PS C:\powershell> get-naperfdata system| Select -expandproperty counters | ? {$ -like "*avg_proce*"}

Name                                                        Value
----                                                        -----
avg_processor_busy                                          10243596186

The ultimate goal would be to use it like the stats command

stats show -n 50 - i 1 volume:*:cifs_read_latency   -

Something like that right?

Re: Get-NaPerfData

yes. something like this:

stats show volume:*:total_ops

stats show volume:vol1

stats show -e nfsv3:*:_ops

stats show -e lun::latency$

is there a nice way to do that?

Re: Get-NaPerfData

Yup, i see your point, if I get time today i'll keep poking around... unless someone else beats me to it

Re: Get-NaPerfData


Re: Get-NaPerfData


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