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list fractional_reserve

Hi guys,

I am trying to get a list of volumes with FR enabled (100%)

this did not get me anywhere:

Get-navol | Get-NaVolOption | where {$ -like "fractional_reserve" -and $_.value -eq "100"} | select name | ft -Autosize

any ideas?

Thank you


Re: list fractional_reserve

This worked for me:

$vol = get-navol | select name;foreach ($v in $vol){get-navoloption -name $v.Name | where-object {$_.Name -eq "fractional_reserve" -and $_.Value -eq "100"} | select @{n="Volume";e={$v.Name}},name,value}

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Re: list fractional_reserve


thank you

Re: list fractional_reserve

I had some time to play with this as well

Let me know if this works with the same results

get-navol | % {

if (get-navoloption $ | ? {$ -eq "fractional_reserve" -and $_.value -eq "100"}) {

write-host $



I'm not building a select statement with expressions, but im curious to see if this is the same result

Re: list fractional_reserve

Yup. that worked too

Josh, if you have time this weekend see what what you can do about that:


Re: list fractional_reserve

did I just get a homework assignment 🙂

if I get some time to play with that cmdlet

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