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Scripting Data OnTAP Commands Using Plink


Has anyone had success with scripting Data OnTAP commands using Plink?  I am running up against a security issue that is preventing me from moving forrward.  Since I don't want a username and password to be stored in the Windows batch file in plain text, I am planning to use Plink/Putty/Pageant with SSH authentication.  If I am reading correctly, the passphrase has to be re-entered upon reboot if the keys are encrypted.  This will not work as we reboot monthly for patching and we don't want to have to re-enter a passphrase on each reboot.  Any suggestions?



As an addendum to this post, I have read KB article, however it doesn't appear to address this issue.  It may be that re-entering the passphrase is only needed when using Pageant.  Continuing to research.


Followed this link and works great


Very helpful link, thank you!


This is the pure reason Powershell toolkit was created.  You need to use the powershell toolkit and their API's to do it.  Batch is dead 🙂