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Set-NaVfilerAddress cmdlet clobbers exports file


When the "set-navfileraddress" cmdlet is used to add an IP address to an existing vfiler in completely overwrites the vfiler's exports file, resetting it back to default values.

This is likely because this cmdlet is using the "vfiler-setup" API.  (This is a known behavior with vfiler setup)  Why is the cmdlet using "vfiler-setup" and not just "vfiler-add-ipaddress"?

When the same operation is done from the console (via the "vfiler add") command it works fine so there must be some way of the cmdlet to do this without invoking vfiler setup api.


Re: Set-NaVfilerAddress cmdlet clobbers exports file


My colleague just answered this question - it's using the vfiler-setup API to ensure that the new IP address gets added as an alias line in the RC file.  So the real issue is fixing the vfiler-setup API not to regenerate the exports file every time it is run.

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