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Set-NaVolLanguage Cmdlet Fails when .UTF-8 is appended "Cannot make this change from rsh or ZAPI"


I am having an issue changing the volume language on a volume with the Set-NaVolLanguage Cmdlet when appending UTF-8.  The command fails stating "Cannot make this change from rsh or via ZAPI."  If I do not append the language locale with UTF-8 the command succeeds.  Is there a way to get the command to work when appending .UTF-8? 

Set-NaVolLanguage -Name $volume -Language "en_US.UTF-8" -WarningAction SilentlyContinue



What version of Ontap are you running?  I'm not sure en_US.UTF-8 is available as a language option prior to 8.2.


I think all the ones we’re interested in are on 8.1.x and on 7-mode. It is an option. We have some as en_US.UTF-8 already. We just didn’t have the root vol set as it to start so some NAS volumes don’t have that language code.


I ran into this problem as well, although if I had to guess, this is not a powershell/toolkit-specific problem.  I tried the old fashioned "vol lang volname en_US.UTF-8" approach over ssh using DFM and got the exact same message.

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