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Shutdown Script?


I'm looking for a possibility to shutdown/halt the filer over a powershell script? Is there any solution?

The background ist that I would like to create a script which stop the filer in case of a UPS event.

I know about the ups command on netapp, but I'll control the whole shutdown from a central management pc.

Any ideas?




Re: Shutdown Script?

There are a number of ways to accomplish this - look into plink that comes with Putty. You can call batch scripts basically from anything. You can establish SSH and then issue the halt command on each of your heads. Remember if you're in a pair you'll want to do a cluster disable as well. If you want something more fancy, look into something like this

Re: Shutdown Script?

Hey Simon,

There isn't an API to shutdown a controller, but you can use the invoke-nassh cmdlet.

Invoke-NaSsh -Command 'halt -t 0'

Hope that helps,


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