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Slow commads using Mount-NaController



I try to do remote operations in a volume served by cifs, to delete files automaticaly.

If I use Mount-NaController:

PS FILER:\vol\xxx\xxx_xxx> Measure-Command {Get-ChildItem -recurse}

Days              : 0
Hours             : 0
Minutes           : 4
Seconds           : 45
Milliseconds      : 103
Ticks             : 2851034460
TotalDays         : 0,00329980840277778
TotalHours        : 0,0791954016666667
TotalMinutes      : 4,7517241
TotalSeconds      : 285,103446
TotalMilliseconds : 285103,446

If i try this over network connection un the same PC:

PS H:\SC000001\POWERSHELL\SCRIPTS> Measure-Command {Get-ChildItem FILER\XXX_XXX -recurse}

Days              : 0
Hours             : 0
Minutes           : 0
Seconds           : 55
Milliseconds      : 317
Ticks             : 553178542
TotalDays         : 0,00064025294212963
TotalHours        : 0,0153660706111111
TotalMinutes      : 0,921964236666667
TotalSeconds      : 55,3178542
TotalMilliseconds : 55317,8542

There is an important difference.

Any suggestion?



Slow commads using Mount-NaController


Yes actually there is an important difference.  Mount-NaController connects a PowerShell provider.  When you *use* that drive the provider is executing ZAPI request to the controller to enumerate the file/folder structure.  This is inherently slower than the native CIFS RPC request that Get-ChildItem uses.  The advantage of the provider is that it can enumerate any file/folder regaurdless of the actual permissions.  If you have native permissions to a share always use the native powershell cmdlets.  Treat the provider as a failback when you either don't have a share created, or your access is limited.

Hope that helps,


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Slow commads using Mount-NaController


Ok, Tahks..

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