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SnapDrive Event ID: 243 caused during Microsoft DPM 2010 Backup


I am having problem with Microsoft DPM 2010 backing up Hyper-V's on a (6) Node Cluster running Server 2008R2 Data Center SP1. The error I keep seeing this error in DPM

(ID 30111 Details: VssError:A function call was made when the object was in an incorrect state

for that function


On the Nodes I am seeing the following errors over and over again when the job fails in DPM

An expected hidden volume arrival did not complete because this LUN was not detected.

LUN ID                              {07727036-35c8-4be0-afd8-66bd594d5786}

Version                              0x0000000000000001

Device Type                    0x0000000000000000

Device TypeModifier          0x0000000000000000

Command Queueing          0x0000000000000001

Bus Type                    0x0000000000000001

Vendor Id                    NETAPP

Product Id                    LUN

Product Revision                    7330

Serial Number

Storage Identifiers

Version                    0

Identifier Count          0


   Exposing Volumes

   Locating shadow-copy LUNs

   PostSnapshot Event

   Executing Asynchronous Operation


   Execution Context: Provider

   Provider Name: Data ONTAP VSS Hardware Provider

   Provider Version: 6. 3. 1. 4912

   Provider ID: {ddd3d232-a96f-4ac5-8f7b-250fd91fd102}

   Current State: DoSnapshotSet


Didn't know if anyone has seen this type of problem before. I have a ticket open with Microsoft and the tech wanted me to post the wierd errors from SnapDrive and Navssprv. Already searched the support area with no hits...


Joey T.



Hi joey,

I have the same problem, have you found a solution ?


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