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$SnapInfoSnapshot variable won't expand in SMHV post action

Any idea why this variable won't expand in my SnapManager for Hyper-V post-backup command?  See the log excerpt below from the job:

Original post script arguments: C:\Scripts\replicate-Volumes.ps1

$VMSnapshot $SnapInfoName $SnapInfoSnapshot

Arguments: C:\Scripts\replicate-Volumes.ps1

ReplicatingServers_bma-vpc-01_BMA-VHOST-01_09-23-2012_23.28.47_backup 09-23-2012_23.28.47



Re: $SnapInfoSnapshot variable won't expand in SMHV post action

$SnapInfoSnapshot - Specifies the SnapInfo Snapshot copy name created on the

storage system. SnapManager for Hyper-V makes a Snapshot copy of the SnapInfo

LUN at the end of the dataset backup.

<note>The $SnapInfoSnapshot variable is

supported for dedicated virtual machines only. </note>

Is this VM clustered?, then it's expected behavior, SMHV currently expand this variable only for dedicated nodes.



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Re: $SnapInfoSnapshot variable won't expand in SMHV post action

That explains it, the hypervisors are clustered.

Why is that variable not applicable to clustered hypervisors/VMs?

Re: $SnapInfoSnapshot variable won't expand in SMHV post action

$SnapInfoSnapshot won't be available for any clustered VMs, irrespective of the

the dataset configuration. This is because we take snapshot of SnapInfo LUN

only after the backup and post-script execution on each cluster nodes.

If we do supply this variable, it will be available only for dedicated VMs.

If you think is important to support, we will discuss internally and open a feature request.



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