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Hyper-V LUN type



I have several questions for LUN type.

Let say I create SANBoot drive for Windows 2008R2 DataCenter. I enable Hyper-V role inside Windows 2008R2 DataCenter.


1. which LUN type should I choose for that Win2K8 Datacenter. Hyper-V or Win2008 lun

2. after I install the Windows OS, then later I realize lun type is wrong

Can I change lun type without reinstalling OS

3. Let say I have master LUN with OS Windows 2008R2 DataCenter. I want to have 5 luns with the same OS.

How do I do traditional clone (independent of source lun), without need to create 5 lun and install os 5 times



Re: Hyper-V LUN type


ad 1 If you install only Win2008 it will be windows_2008, if it is HyperV role you use hyperV

ad.2 It is possible bun it is offline operation you could use diskpart etc.

ad.3 vol copy or  lun clone and lun clone split

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