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vFiler pie or bar chart?

I am in need of a graphical representation of our vFiler system (I cannot use System Manager, so I am searching for a PowerShell replacement).  I only have access to my vFiler, so I do not see the entire system or have the ability to use System Manager.  Management is looking for a pie\bar chart, and I cannot find a way to quickly do this.  I am looking for a PowerShell script that can quickly run that will convert our vFiler space to an excel spreadsheet and then generate a pie or bar chart to present to management (because, once they ask for it, they will want it frequently and quickly).

Any information would be helpful.



Re: vFiler pie or bar chart?

what your asking for is some advanced scripting... especially with Excel integration..

Do you know how to at least connect to a controller/vfiler via ps?

Re: vFiler pie or bar chart?

Yes, I can pull the data and place it in all sorts of output.  The issue that I have is just graphical.  My management cries when they see numbers and spreadsheets apparently, and only want pretty graphs.

I just cannot believe my management is the only people that are like this.  There has to be someone out there with some sort of chart.

I think my bigger issue is that I am on a vfiler and do not have access to the root context, so I have a limited set of commands and access.


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