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Snapdrive Installation and Configuration


The question is given the following configuration and information do I need to install Windows Host Utilities. Here is the configuration: 2\ea -  Virutual Exchange Server 2010 sitting on top of Server 2008 R2. Members of a 2 member DAG - 1/production and 1/DR Site.  All the disks containg the databases and logs are all ISCSI connected.  Each server has 8 LUNs, 4 for databases and 4 for log files.  Each LUN Is connected via ISCSI. We are using Microsoft's ISCSI initiator. The virtual servers are hosted on a NetApp FAS3250 in 7-mode HA and the LUNs are on the same HA group of filers. Both servers are configered the same except for the Window host utilites. 

The Host Utilities were installed on the production server which was built about 9 month prior to the DAG installation.  The install of the utilities on the production box does not even appear to be a complete install.   None of the commands to give you any ISCSI information does not work, there are just a bunch of old DOS command when you type HELP.   The DR side of the DAG does not have the host utilities  installed at all.  Both have been working fine.

I am getting ready to upgrade Snapdrive and Snapmanager for Exchange and Window Host Utilites is listed as a prerequisit. 


Do I really require the host utilites and am I losing anything by not having them installed.