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SnapshotBlocksReserved value returned by Get-NaVol is in KB units, not bytes


I am very new to PowerShell and the NetApp PowerShell toolkit, so I am trying understand what I am seeing when I run these commands. Therefore I double check
with what System Manager and the ONTAP CLI are reporting.  I am using PowerShell 3 and the PowerShell Tooklit on Windows 7.


One thing I noticed is that the SnapshotBlocksReserved value returned by Get-NaVol is in KB units, not bytes, as all the other volume size related values are.
I need to multiply SnapshotBlocksReserved by 1024 to get the value in bytes.  I have seen numerous posts where people are assuming the value is in units of bytes.
Is this a bug with this version of the toolkit?

PS C:\TEMP\testFolder> (get-navol testvol).totalsize + (get-navol testvol).SnapshotBlocksReserved*1024

PS C:\TEMP\testFolder> Get-NaVolSize -Name testvol



Also, the output of Get-NaVolSize is right justified.

Lastly, is there a document that explains what all of the fields or attributes are that are used by the toolkit and what they mean, including units of measurement?





Funny how I start finding answers after I ask the question, regardless of how much research I do beforehand.


I found the ONTAPI docs in the 4.1 Managability SDK (I can't find the same in the 5.2 version).

According to the doc for the volume-info API:



snapshot-blocks-reserved integer
The number of 1024 byte blocks that has been set aside as reserve for snapshot usage. This is same as "blocks-reserved" in snapshot-get-reserve API output. Range : [0..2^64-1].



This is the only value given in blocks. All of the other values are in bytes.


So, all the examples I have seen where people are converting this value to GB, they are actually converting it to TB and adding it to other values in GB.