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Start-NaVolCloneSplit fails, not a clone

According to the documentation for New-NaVolClone I need to run the Start-NaVolCloneSplit to split the clone off

I run New-NaVolClone -ParentVolume  $Vol -CloneVolume  $Clone

and it creates the clone

Now I run

Start-NaVolCloneSplit -Name $Clone

and get    The Volume is not a Clone.

And it looks like it really has been split off already as the snap that was created is not locked.

Is the documentation wrong,  and the behavior changed in the toolkit 1.6 ?



Re: Start-NaVolCloneSplit fails, not a clone

Turns out it had happened after all, and the error message was a result of me trying it again thinking the split had not happened.

So, nevermind................ 

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