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The volume show command from the cluster shows many volumes as thin, but when I run the command in P


The volume show command from the cluster shows many volumes as thin, but when I run the command in Powershell it shows them as thick.

I have used powershell Ontap modules many times and it always seem to be accurate but in this case I have tried the command from two version of the powershellOntaptools and get the same result.  This is the first time running it with this company.



Can you show the output from the ONTAP CLI and also your PowerShell output (feel free to remove identifying SVM/volume names before posting)? In the Get-NcVol cmdlet output, it's in the VolumeSpaceAttributes property in a field called "SpaceGuarantee" and will be set to "none" or "volume".  You can also find it for a specific volume by using the Get-NcVolOption cmdlet (the field is just called "guarantee" if you collect the data that way). 

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2020.11.18 12:41:45 =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
show -vserver phl3sharedsanvserver -volume /vol/INWI_NEW_vnhamaptsmp06dr_Lun_7_vol_vol/INWI_NEW_vnhamaptsmp06dr_Lun_7_vol

Vserver Name:
Volume Name:
Aggregate Name:
List of Aggregates for FlexGroup Constituents:
List of Nodes Hosting the Volume:
Volume Size: 65.32GB
Volume Data Set ID: 4479
Volume Master Data Set ID: 2158559044
Volume State: online
Volume Style: flex
Extended Volume Style: flexvol
FlexCache Endpoint Type: none
Is Cluster-Mode Volume: true
Is Constituent Volume: false
Export Policy: default
User ID: 0
Group ID: 0
Security Style: unix
UNIX Permissions: ---rwxr-xr-x
Junction Path: -
Junction Path Source: -
Junction Active: -
Junction Parent Volume: -
Available Size: 32.48GB
Filesystem Size: 65.32GB
Total User-Visible Size: 65.32GB
Used Size: 32.84GB
Used Percentage: 50%
Volume Nearly Full Threshold Percent: 95%
Volume Full Threshold Percent: 98%
Maximum Autosize: 78.38GB
Minimum Autosize: 65.32GB
Autosize Grow Threshold Percentage: 90%
Autosize Shrink Threshold Percentage: 50%
Autosize Mode: off
Total Files (for user-visible data): 2033384
Files Used (for user-visible data): 101
Space Guarantee in Effect: true
Space SLO in Effect: true
Space SLO: none
Space Guarantee Style: none
Fractional Reserve: 100%
Volume Type: RW
Snapshot Directory Access Enabled: true
Space Reserved for Snapshot Copies: 0%
Snapshot Reserve Used: 0%
Snapshot Policy: none
Creation Time: Fri Aug 07 15:20:59 2020
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Language: C.UTF-8
Clone Volume: false
Node name:
Clone Parent Vserver Name: -
FlexClone Parent Volume: -
NVFAIL Option: on
Volume's NVFAIL State: false
Force NVFAIL on MetroCluster Switchover: off
Is File System Size Fixed: false
(DEPRECATED)-Extent Option: off
Reserved Space for Overwrites: 0B
Primary Space Management Strategy: volume_grow
Read Reallocation Option: off
Naming Scheme for Automatic Snapshot Copies: create_time
Inconsistency in the File System: false
Is Volume Quiesced (On-Disk): false
Is Volume Quiesced (In-Memory): false
Volume Contains Shared or Compressed Data: false
Space Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0B
Percentage Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0%
Space Saved by Deduplication: 0B
Percentage Saved by Deduplication: 0%
Space Shared by Deduplication: 0B
Space Saved by Compression: 0B
Percentage Space Saved by Compression: 0%
Volume Size Used by Snapshot Copies: 0B
Block Type: 64-bit
Is Volume Moving: false
Flash Pool Caching Eligibility: read-write
Flash Pool Write Caching Ineligibility Reason: -
Constituent Volume Role: -
QoS Policy Group Name: -
QoS Adaptive Policy Group Name: -
Caching Policy Name: -
Is Volume Move in Cutover Phase: false
Number of Snapshot Copies in the Volume: 0
VBN_BAD may be present in the active filesystem: false
Is Volume on a hybrid aggregate: false
Total Physical Used Size: 32.74GB
Physical Used Percentage: 50%
Is Volume a FlexGroup: false
SnapLock Type: non-snaplock
Vserver DR Protection: -
Enable Encryption: false
Is Volume Encrypted: false
Volume Encryption State: none
Encryption Key ID:
Application: -
Is Fenced for Protocol Access: false
Protocol Access Fence Owner: -
Is SIDL enabled: off
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Over Provisioned Size: 0B
Available Snapshot Reserve Size: 0B
Logical Used Size: 32.84GB
Logical Used Percentage: 50%
Logical Available Size: -
Logical Size Used by Active Filesystem: 32.84GB
Logical Size Used by All Snapshots: 0B
Logical Space Reporting: false
Logical Space Enforcement: false
Volume Tiering Policy: none
Performance Tier Inactive User Data: -
Performance Tier Inactive User Data Percent: -


Okay, looks like a thin-provisioned volume to me. Can you share the corresponding PowerShell output for the same volume? 

This is what it shows in powershell.

Path Size Size Used Protocol Online Mapped Thin vserver
---- ---- --------- -------- ------ ------ ---- -------
/vol/Ixxxxx_Lun_7_vol_vol/xxxxxxxxx_Lun_7_vol 32.4 GB 32.4 GB aix True True False phlxxxxxx

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Ah, looks like a thin-provisioned volume but a thick-provisioned LUN. Can you run a "lun show <lun path>" from ONTAP and paste the sanitized output here? I'm guessing we'll see "Space Reservation" enabled for the LUN in question, which would match your PowerShell output.


Here is some documentation that explains this configuration (short version is a thin-provisioned volume containing a thick-provisioned LUN behaves like a thin-provisioned LUN):

Vserver Name: phlxxxxxxx
LUN Path: /vol/xxxxxxxxx_Lun_7
Volume Name: INWI_vnhamaptsmp03dr_Lun_7_vol
Qtree Name: ""
LUN Name: Ixxxxxxxx_Lun_7
LUN Size: 50GB
OS Type: aix
Space Reservation: disabled
Serial Number: 80GrL]O8ZHt
Serial Number (Hex): 383047724c5d4f385a48745
Comment: Ensono, Inc
Space Reservations Honored: false
Space Allocation: disabled
State: online
LUN UUID: 1adef36d-
Mapped: mapped
Physical Size of Logical Block: 512B
Device Legacy ID: -
Device Binary ID: -
Device Text ID: -
Read Only: false
Fenced Due to Restore: false
Used Size: 50.12GB
Maximum Resize Size: 512.0GB
Creation Time: 9/12/2019 08:08:47
Class: regular
Node Hosting the LUN: PHLxxxxxxxx
QoS Policy Group: -
QoS Adaptive Policy Group: -
Caching Policy Name: -
Clone: false
Clone Autodelete Enabled: false
Inconsistent Import: false
Application: -

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Hi LisaG,


I noticed the "lun show" output you recently provided is for a different LUN and volume than what you originally provided. 




LUN Path: /vol/xxxxxxxxx_Lun_7
Volume Name: INWI_vnhamaptsmp03dr_Lun_7_vol





Team NetApp


Team NetApp


What is the proper configuration for a volume containing a LUN?