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get-ncsnapmirror is returning duplicate objects


I have recently noticed this problem; not sure where it is coming from.  SVMDR relationships appear twice in the output.  

If I do 'snapmirror show' in the OnTAP CLI, I do not see any duplicates.


When I issue the PowerShell command:

get-ncsnapmirror | where {$_.destinationlocation -like "svm*" } | sort


SourceLocation DestinationLocation
-------------- -------------------

vs1:   svmdr_vs1:

vs1:   svmdr_vs1:

vs2:   svmdr_vs2:

vs2:   svmdr_vs2:

vs3:   svmdr_vs3:

vs3:   svmdr_vs3:

vs4:   svmdr_vs4:

vs4:   svmdr_vs4:


This seems to be happening only for SVMDR relationships.  Regular volume-level relationships do not show duplicated output.


I am seeing this with PSTK 4.50 and 9.7.1.  OnTAP version is 9.7


This was noticed recently-- maybe it began after our recent upgrade to OnTAP 9.7



Hello @StevePutre ,


It may be possible that this was caused by the upgrade.


Would you mind trying to disconnect and reconnect the PSTK connection for the cluster and rerunning the command?

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