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Using powershell to make NFS exports after making flexclone



For a customer of mine I need to make a script that dos the following

We have a master NFS datastore.  To create classes we need to "clone the nfs datastore" and make new nfs datastores of in inside a VMware environment.

The cusotmer is using a C mode ontap environment.  And we need to work in a vserver environment.

the script I have is working for 95%, only making a NFS export of the flexclone volume is not working....

her the script I use


= ConvertTo-SecureString "MyPassword" -AsPlainText -Force


= New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList "MyUser",$password

## Add the  DATA ONTAP Module

Import-module DataONTAP

## Connecto to netapp filer

Connect-NcController -Name CMODENETAPP-Credential $cred

## Create new snapshot on master and give it the Teacher AD name and instance number

New-NcSnapshot -TargetName "master" -SnapName "00" -VserverContext "MyvServer"

## Create new flexclones based on MasterLUN and instance snapshot

New-NcVolClone -ParentVolume "master" -CloneVolume "WA01" -ParentSnapshot "00" -VserverContext "MyVserver"

then I want to use

Add-NcNfsExport cmdlet to create the nfs export point for the newly created volume WA01 in my case but I get an error telling me that the namesppace is incorect.....  anybody here that can help me to finish this task or give me an example??

Wen I do this via ssh or via the manual in the interface its working, it does not work with powershell/

Thanks for your help..





Can you send an example of the cmdlet you are using that isn't working?  I use Add-NaNfsExport in the following manner:

$path = "/vol/<volname>/<qtreename>"

Add-NaNfsExport -Persistent:$true -Path $path -ReadWrite @('','') -Root @('','') | Out-Null



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