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VSC 6.2.2 shows alignment state as "other"


Hello everyone,


I upgraded VSC 6.2.1 to VSC 6.2.2 on our vSphere 6.5 environment. (Because it was crashing when I click the Migrate button for alignment.)


VSC 6.2.1 was correctly showing the scan results as Misaligned etc. but VSC 6.2.2 shows these results as "other". I downloaded and examined VSC logs but couldn't find any information regarding a possible failure when performing optimization checks.


By the way, I can see the misaligned volumes from OCI, so I want to perform optimizations to these volumes with VSC. But I cannot see that misalignments when I check exact same volumes with VSC 6.2.2, shows status as "other".


What could've gone wrong? How can I troubleshoot this?


Thanks in advance.



Hi ,


The reason for scan showing up as "Others" could be because of conditions reported in following link.


6.2.2 does the same job as previous version, however this misalignment option is taken out from 7.x onwards.


 You can try to migrate that VM to a different datastore and rescan