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Update vCenter 6.0 Windows to VCSA 6.5x


I need to migrate a Windows vCenter 6.0x to a VCSA6.5x.
It is currently installed on the Windows vCenter Server VSC6.2.

What is the order now?

1. install SnapCenter 4.0 on a new server

2. adding the storage SVMs to the SnapCenter

3. deploy the SnapCenter plug-in to VMware vSphere (either on another Windows machine or on the SnapCenter server itself as it is now supported).

4 Configure the plug-in to use the same vCenter.

5. pause all VSC backup jobs

On the VSC server, run the NetApp Import Utility for SnapCenter and Virtual Storage Console, which hopefully imports the backup metadata and resource groups into SnapCenter.

7. you can import the storage connections from VSC 6.2. to the 7.1 appliance (according to the Import Utility Readme), but this just seems useless, unless you had a lot of storage systems.

8. Logging off VSC 6.2 from vCenter

9. In the SnapCenter Plug-in for vSphere, confirm that the resources are listed and that the data stores still list all backups created with VSC.

Perform backups from the SnapCenter plug-in and confirm and test the restores.

11. Deploy the VSC 7.1 appliance and add storage

After all that's happened, now migrate vCenter Windows to VCSA 6.5?




Hi Thomas,


Similar query has been address in this link, please refer to this for more info..


Now for Vcenter migration, yes you can proceed with Vcenter Migration after going through the steps.


If you are Migrating to VSC7.x with SC4.x because of Vcenter upgrade to 6.5 ?

Please note VSC 6.2.2 is still supported with Vcenter 6.5, with ONTAP 9.2