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What are the default values/thresholds for the Management Pack rules


Do we have a list of the default values or thresholds that are used to generate events/alarms in SCOM from the NetApp Management Pack?  In the draft IAG for OCPM on page 33 it lists all the rules, but what are the defaults?  Here is the list of rules from the IAG:

Data ONTAP: Management Server rules

The following list displays all of the Data ONTAP Management Server rules:

• Data ONTAP: Aggregate Space Utilization Rule

• Data ONTAP: Aggregate State Rule

• Data ONTAP: Collect Events Rule

• Data ONTAP: Collect SnapMirror Lag Time Counter Rule

• Data ONTAP: Controller Connection Check Rule

• Data ONTAP: Controller Global Status Rule

• Data ONTAP: Controller HA Status Rule

• Data ONTAP: Controller Storage Utilization Rate of Change Rule

• Data ONTAP: Discover Recent Network Devices Rule

• Data ONTAP: Discovery Rule

• Data ONTAP: Disk State Rule

• Data ONTAP: Enclosure State Rule

• Data ONTAP: LUN Latency Rule

• Data ONTAP: LUN State Rule

• Data ONTAP: Quota Limits Rule

• Data ONTAP: Refresh Dashboard Rule

• Data ONTAP: SnapMirror Status Rule

• Data ONTAP: Storage Statistics Rule

• Data ONTAP: Trigger Controller Discovery Rule

• Data ONTAP: Trigger vFiler Discovery Rule

• Data ONTAP: Volume Space Utilization Rule

• Data ONTAP: Volume State Rule

• Data ONTAP: Volume Used Inodes Rule

For example, the first rule listed above is "Aggregate Space Utilization Rule".  What is the default value or threshold it comes set at out of the box?  Same goes for all the other rules - I have a customer asking what the default values are.





No one ever responded to this?



We are working on documenting the list of rules/monitors and their default values/thresholds. We'll be posting it soon on the communities.


Sadhana B


Is it done? How about now?


Hi Corey,

Will get you the list and share to the community.




Did the list ever get shared?


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