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What is Controller Latency in SCOM



In our environment we have SCOM 2012, NetApp package installed and i see a lot of Controller Latency errors. According to SCOM controller latency should be between 5-10ms. I really wonder meaning of "Controller Latency". For example is there any command to view "Controller Latency" in ONTAP?



Re: What is Controller Latency in SCOM




High latency can be caused by a lot of factors; over utilized disks, CPU, congested network, etc

Though SCOM/MyAutosupport/OCUM could give some information, the best analysis would be to collect stats with the Perfstat tool and let NetApp analyze it


 - there are plenty of ONTAP commands to show performance but you have to understand how to interpurt them

 - 5 ms latency is not bad. Even for the most sensitive applications




Re: What is Controller Latency in SCOM


What I mean is after 2 years of NetApp administration, I never heard controller latency. Of course I know what is LUN latency, Volume latency ... but not controller latency. What is it really?

Re: What is Controller Latency in SCOM


After working on this with local NetApp support we found that Controller Latency can be retrieved with the following command in terminal :

stats show system:system:sys_avg_latency

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