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Discuss NetApp solutions for Microsoft Private Cloud and the Hyper-V platform, including FlexPod Datacenter, NetApp OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft, and Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit.

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Hi Folk, I'm trying to automate the closing/removing of CIFS file locks, and I'm running into problems with datat ypes. In particular, I do a Get-NcCi more
Hi There, I can't able to delete the user account for 'console' application with authentication method password. I am getting below error while runnin more
The version we are using, NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version:4.7.0Windows version: VMWare VM Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Start Windows Po more
Dear PowerShell community, We are glad to announce the release of  NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.7.  This unified release has enhancements for b more
Hello community,   i would like to create a powershell script, which shows me all export policies without volume / qtree assignment. Anyone able to he more
Good afternoon,   Cmdlet lacks a parameter to physically delete a vscan report. Cmdlet below only administratively removes a report:   Remove-NcVscanO more
Hello,   I try to figure out, which API calls I can use to get some values from NetApp Filers like: Network Port / Interface informations, SVM informa more
PowerShell Toolkit 4.1 has updates for the SANtricity PowerShell module. This new update doubles the total number of Cmdlets that cover all aspects of more
Good afternoon, I am new in powershell and i want to know if someone could help me collecting the count of disks and also the total usable space per e more
Trying to figure out how to read node boot variables using PSTK.  I ned to perform the equivalent of:   systemshell -node * kenv kmip.init.interface more