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SMI-S Provider end of life?


We're migrating our datacenters to Hyper-V/SCVMM from VMware and through this process we started using the SMI-S Provider with SCVMM 2022.   I noticed today that all easy to find references to SMI-S Provider are missing from the NetApp Support site...  They can still be found through search, but are all marked as "Legacy".


Given that SCVMM only supports SAN Arrays through either SMI-S or SMP, what is the plan moving forward for this, given how many orgs are moving away from VMWare and into Hyper-V/Azure Stack HCI as a solution?


Presumably the way to go would be SMB shares, but given that the SMI-S provider is still required to be able to add NetApp hosted SMB shares (No WSMAN on NetApp so the "Add File Share" option fails), this leaves me in a bit of a predicament.